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Version History


11th September 2018

  • Improvements to how deprecated products are handled.
  • Improvements to stock level monitoring and reacting.


3rd September 2018

  • Browse Products now ordered by reverse date-added.
  • Image Coming Soon added for products pending imagery.


27th August 2018

  • 7 new brands and loads of new products added to the catalogue.


21st August 2018

  • New brand added: Maurten, 2 products.
  • General data tracking updates.


26th February 2018

  • Script performance updates.
  • Fixed: Dead login button on Firefox (Windows 10).


12th February 2018

  • Added a new trial system to allow new customers to dip a toe in at a discounted price.
  • Added new order confirmation emails.
  • Revised the plan cancellation experience.


15th December 2017

  • Full auto-plan-generation revamp:
    • Hydration and nutritional recommendations broken down into bite-size promted upgrades.
    • Auto-population quantities now reflect the hours training & number of sessions, leaving room on the gauges if people want to max out.
    • Hydration now dealt with as a whole / all electrolytes rather than just sodium.
  • Removed the plan settings page and modal dialogue in favour of in-situ editing.
  • Wording changes throughout to reflect increased delivery flexibility.
  • Set the filters to all reset upon entry into the search box.
  • Fixed: Subtotal recalculation bug when dropping back down below free-delivery threshold.
  • Fixed: Free-delivery threshold being triggered based on RRP and not code-discounted pricing.
  • Fixed: Enter-keypress not being acknowledged on plan / order quantity edit.


6th December 2017

  • Implemented improved Welcome, Dispatch Notification and Reset Password emails.
  • Updated FAQs to include delivery tracking info.
  • Fixed: Delivery charge being calculated post-discounts.
  • Fixed: Product image filename issues causing the image to not display.


24th November 2017

  • Updated the FAQs to reflect recent updates.
  • Regenerated all supplier brand logos with improved clarity and cropping.
  • Plan page aesthetics improvements.
  • General mobile UX improvements.
  • Amended the Delivery & Returns page content.
  • Tweaked the layout of the START OVER component.
  • Removed Oompf brand and products. Supplier sadly shut up shop.
  • Fixed: Skip box new dispatch date bug.
  • Fixed: Interface bug on the search field when filters applied.


21st November 2017

  • Made the CHECKOUT button a smart input - either hides when not relevant or changes to SAVE CHANGES.
  • Added UI feedback for out-of-stock products.
  • Fixed: Premature dispatch requests being created.


20th November 2017

  • Revamped the search & filter system:
    • Added a sticky search bar.
    • Added a typeable SEARCH FOR element.
    • Optimised the size of the filter inputs.
    • Added a RESET SEARCH function.
    • Added results loading feedback.
    • Added no-results feedback.
    • Removed the select/deselect on all but the brand selector.
    • Set BROWSE PRODUCTS to clear the search criteria.
  • Removed SHOW MORE button.
  • Updated the post code in the footer.
  • Pulled in additional electrolyte nutritional spec to the product pages.
  • Fixed: Delivery charge not being added sub-£10 on plans. (Sorry folks).
  • Fixed: Display bug where the login button text was cramped on the iPhone 5.


15th November 2017

  • Phone number collection added to checkout flow.
  • Added Version History (this) to footer links.
  • Done some minor static-page styling tweaks.


14th November 2017

  • Created a START OVER button component.
  • Modified the main header logo to also act as START OVER if logged in.
  • Added SIGN UP button to header.
  • Brought back product nutritional info.
  • Set nutritional spec bars (product pages) to compare against catalogue max values. Top-Trumps style.
  • Made the brands on the homepage click through to brand-filtered results.
  • Fixed: Dead MORE INFO button (basket).
  • Fixed: Customer session Dietary Prefs + Requirements stopping some product page nodes being rendered.
  • Fixed: Customer balance being depleted when should have only taken a portion.


13th November 2017

  • Soft-launch Go-live.
  • Added Version History to website.