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Advanced Sweat Test

Personalise your hydration strategy with KOMFUEL and Precision Hydration

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When training or racing, optimum hydration can certainly be a challenge. Everyone sweats very differently and so our requirements for electrolyte and fluid replenishment are wide ranging.

Do you suffer with cramps? stitch? post training headaches? How salty is your sweat and what should you be drinking?

Book an Advanced Sweat Test with us and in around 30 pain-free, exercise-free minutes, we will have your Sweat Profile. This will tell us exactly how much sodium you lose whilst sweating and hence what needs replenishing.

We then provide you with your personalised Sweat Test Report, you’ll know which Precision Hydration products to use and when to use them.

Take your hydration strategy to the next level. Sweat tests start from just £95 and includes a hydration trial pack to get you started (worth £10).

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