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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys make your own products?

We don’t - our vision was to build a service to bring together all of the brands you already know and love, then deliver them to you in an exciting and cost effective way to perfectly compliment your training.

What brands do you offer?

At present: 32Gi, Battle Oats, Beet-It, Bollox, Bounty, Cherry, Active, Chia Charge, Clif, Elivar, Firestar, Fori, Go Faster Food, GU, High 5, Lucho Dillitos, Mars, Mule Bar, Nutristrength, Oompf Energy, OTE, Picky Bars, Powerbar, Precision Hydration, Quest Bars, Raw Bite, Romneys, Salt Stick, SIS, Snickers Protein, Sport Beans, Tailwind, Torq, True Start, USN, Zipvit

If you have a favourite brand that you think we’re missing then drop us an email at

Do you really stock a brand called “Bollox”??

Yes, and it’s the dog’s - Give it a try.

Why wouldn’t I just buy in bulk from large online retailers?

The answer to that is one of the main reasons KOMFUEL exists - To commit to a varied fuelling plan would require bulk buying (usually) between 5 and 10 different products and the costs would be substantial. Products go past their best, to store them takes up lots of space in the kitchen cupboards and lastly if you don’t like something, you’re stuck with it! We bring you a vast selection, in the quantities you need, on a regular basis.

How do you go about generating a fuel plan for me?

If you opt to let us populate your nutrition plan, then we use the information you have provided when you set up your account to make sure you have the right amount of calories (energy) to fuel your training for the hours and number of sessions you have specified. We also calculate the optimum amount of calories needed to prepare for the training and the protein required to recover from it.

Are some products more suited to either before, during or after training?

Absolutely, products high in calorific value are going to prepare you and support you through your training - Products high in protein will be better suited for recovery. This is only the tip of the iceberg and our calculations take all data into account to propose the optimum products for your specific needs.

Can you also help with hydration?

That would be an understatement. We have partnered with Precision Hydration to offer tailored sachets to best match your sodium losses. Suffer much from cramp or stitch? Getting your hydration and sodium intake right can mean the difference between the middle of the pack and the podium.

Are your sale products past their best before date?

Some of our sale items may indeed be approaching or past their best before date and are clearly labelled and discounted accordingly. Best before date is about quality and not safety. The food will be safe to eat after this date but may not be at its best and as such its flavour and texture might not be as good. For more information see

Am I tied in to any sort of commitment?

No, and you never will be. We want you to stay with us because we’re offering a 24 carat gold service not because you’re tied in through small print.

Can I track my FUELPACK deliveries?

Every box is sent via Royal Mail and each dispatch does indeed include a tracking reference that will be included in your dispatch notification email.

How can I get involved?

You can tell us how you're getting along with our service! - Our ears are open and we love to hear from our customers so that we can evolve together. Drop us an email at